15 Jan 2018

Supply Chain and Logistics: Year In Review 2017

The new year is here are that means supply chains all over the world are working vigorously to recover from the holiday rush. 2018 is sure to have a lot in store for the industry but the lessons learned last year will help point businesses in the right direction. It’s time to take a look back at the stories that had the largest impact on the supply chain community and review these important concepts.

The articles listed below offer a quick overview of the supply chain and logistics content that stood out in 2017. Be sure to soak up as much of this information as possible in order to make 2018 the best year yet.

1)3 Ways 21st Century Air Freight Systems Can Improve Your Business

The supply chain is evolving. Without adapting to the latest tools and technology, your business will be left behind. Businesses are constantly looking for the “next big thing” that will offer a competitive advantage and new supply chain management tools are here to help. [Read More]

2)Top 5 Supply Chain Trends for 2017 and Beyond

Let’s dive right into the 5 top trends reshaping the modern Supply Chain industry. With technology moving forward at an incredible pace, businesses have a hard time keeping up. Learning about the top trends that will have a direct impact on any businesses supply chain will help individuals gain a better understanding of what the future may hold. Having insight into the future can help a business begin to improve today. [Read More]

3)Social Responsibility

This section has a special place in the AirFreight.bid’s teams heart. 2017 was filled with some devastating natural disasters and the team here wanted to do anything they could to help. Below are the services AirFreight.bid offered during the terrible hurricanes that wreaked havoc on Florida, Texas, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

Giving Relief in the Path of Destruction

Shipping A Little Sunshine To The Great State of Texas

Relief for Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands

4)Fast, Secure and Reliable: The Next Step In AirFreight

John McDonough, the head of inventory and planning for discoverpeach.com was having challenges with on-time air freight shipments from one of their factory locations overseas. John was looking for an easier way to ship goods via air freight, searching for better transit times and lower costs. [Read More]

5)Risk-Free AirFreight Solution: Taking Your Business To The Next Level

In an industry where innovation happens slowly, there are still technologies out there ready to help. Businesses still see logistics and their supply chain as separate from critical processes but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Innovation and progress in a businesses logistics practices can help reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. [Read More]

6)1st Edition Challenges & Solutions (New Tech, Cyber Risk, Weather)

The modern Supply Chain is becoming more complex by the day. Businesses continue to struggle with keeping their supply chain under control but hidden risks still pose a significant threat to the industry. Even with all the new technologies making their way to the industry, businesses must be aware of these hidden risks and understand how to react appropriately. [Read More]

7)Challenges and Solutions: Cyber Security and the Digital Supply Chain

When it comes to the modern supply chain managers have a relatively new risk to consider, cybersecurity. As major logistics providers from all around the world struggle with keeping their private data secure, businesses are investing time and resources to address this serious concern. From shutting down major ports to the risk of losing private client data, the time is now to address cybersecurity in the supply chain. [Read More]

What’s To Come?

The question supply chain professionals are asking now is “what comes next?”. It’s hard to tell what the future holds because of how fast technology is driving the modern industry forward. However, there’s an easy way to stay informed with all this progress. Be sure to follow AirFreight.bid on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for the latest updates and insights surrounding the supply chain industry.

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15 Dec 2017

The Fashion and Apparel Industry Must Embrace The Modern Supply Chain

Nearly every industry is beginning to feel the impact of the transforming world. Complex consumer demand, e-commerce and modern technology have upended most conventional business models. The fashion and apparel industry is now starting to realize that this outside pressure is weighing on their business practices and the only way to compete is to focus on their supply chain. New challenges are presenting themselves at an alarming rate and without innovating and adapting to current trends, designers next look may never reach customers.

Recently the Council of Fashion Designers of America, Inc partnered up with DHL, their logistics partner to get to the bottom of the challenges facing the industry and what role the supply chain will play.

The conventional supply chain in the apparel industry separated designers from consumers through a heavily siloed and rigid process. This left most of the power in the hands of the manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors but this is all beginning to change. Digital business models and new, modern services have shifted the balance of influence and designers need to adapt in order to survive. With power distributed throughout the fashion supply chain, designers will need to become much more involved with their flow of materials, manufacturing partners and find savings through the distribution process by leveraging modern supply chain technologies in their favor.

Consumers have become much more influential. With literally billions of options all available at a click of a button, designers have to pay considerable attention to the speed in which their products can reach consumers. Whether it be through retailers or direct to consumer, a manageable and efficient supply chain will be vital. Innovative technologies are beginning to open up new doors offering apparel professions the power to control and gain unprecedented insight into their distribution practices which have the potential to bolster their competitive advantage.

As the fashion industry begins to embrace digital business models to meet increasing expectations there are now emerging technologies that can work in tandem with the shifting industry. Some of these technologies help increase speed, visibility, and create an environment where collaboration can thrive. These emerging technologies offer designers the option to get more hands-on with their distribution network and gain better insight into their own supply chains.

The way in which retailers, suppliers, and manufacturers handle their supply chains are changing rapidly. Understanding what this will mean in the apparels industry will be vital in order to remain competitive. In fashion, demand is becoming much more complex and speed to market is everything. If designers aren’t able to efficiently and effectively distribute a specific product line fast enough, those that have a more sophisticated way of handling their supply network could beat them to the punch.

The fashion industry is in an interesting position. On one hand, technologies are making it easier than ever before for designers to maintain control over their distribution process however, those that aren’t up for the innovation challenge will fall behind. The best way to ensure a brand continues to reach its customers in the highly competitive fashion and apparel industry is to utilize the latest supply chain technologies and embrace the digital future.


When it comes down to it, every business that handles freight is looking for a new, streamlined system to help alleviate costly issues. AirFreight.bid offers one of these solutions and the customizable platform is revolutionizing the industry. Most subscribers experience lower, more competitive shipping rates, after using our innovative portal. You can now sign up for free today and see just how much your business can save.

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15 Nov 2017

Risk-Free AirFreight Solution: Taking Your Business To The Next Level

In an industry where innovation happens slowly, there are still technologies out there ready to help. Businesses still see logistics and their supply chain as separate from critical processes but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Innovation and progress in a businesses logistics practices can help reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Managing and maintaining a modern supply chain can be a challenge. If a company doesn’t have a dedicated individual working on the process, it can seem impossible to control and improve. Yet there are innovative and transformative solutions out there for businesses of all sizes to remove the headaches associated with innovation. When it comes to air freight, a new service is leading the charge.

The world is more connected than ever before so there’s no reason air freight can’t be as well. That’s the fundamental principle of AirFreight.bid, connectivity. Using this platform, businesses will have unprecedented capabilities and reduce the hassle of air freight and improve the overall process.

Change is always intimidating, even when it’s meant to improve a process skepticism and worry can cause a business to hold off. This could be a catastrophic mistake as businesses continue to innovative to increase their competitiveness. Collaboration, emerging technology, innovative supply chain software or platforms are all a part of the modern business landscape. Without embracing the transforming industry there is little chance to keep up with those entities bold enough to move forward.

The act of transporting freight is at an important crossroads. Businesses that take the time to review and reinvent the way they handle their logistics are at an incredible advantage over those refusing to embrace this innovation. Below are some examples of the changes happening all throughout the industry.

New Supply Chain Technology: What You Can Expect

Top 5 Supply Chain Trends for 2017 and Beyond

3 Ways 21st Century Air Freight Systems Can Improve Your Business

Upgrading to a new air freight solution can be intimidating for even the most innovative companies. However, at AirFreight.bid we want to offer businesses a chance to try the service for free. Risk-free and easy to use, businesses only stand to gain. Come take a look at the Free-Trial offer and see if this service is the right choice for your company without the added stress of a major investment.

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27 Oct 2017

New Supply Chain Technology: What You Can Expect

The business landscape is changing rapidly and new technologies are disrupting a host of industries. From manufacturing to the supply chain, digital systems are revolutionizing how age-old processes are executed. When looking at the supply chain, technology has had a monumental impact on the way products reach their destination. However, people are still at the heart of the supply chain and these new systems require the workforce to be on board. Implementing new technology into a supply chain causes a chain reaction that could dramatically improve the efficiency of a supply network. Understanding what this will mean for business, why investing in the right services matter and what companies can expect when new technology placed into the fray is vital.

Choosing The Right Services

With so many options out there, a common issue supply chain leaders face is being uncertain about which technology to invest their time and money into. There are countless service providers and technology manufacturers all ready to say that their process is the right fit. Vetting can become extraordinarily intimidating and is often the reason businesses opt for pushing off their modernization process. Waiting for an industry standard to come around could lead to a company falling behind. Doing the research and finding out if a service is a right fit today will be critical when it comes to adopting new technology in the modern supply chain.

Disrupting The Workforce

When reading up on the latest supply chain technology the themes most likely focus on all the good it can offer a business. Though these new digital technologies deliver a host of benefits and new capabilities, they often leave out how it may disrupt a workforce. People dislike change, even when it’s for the better, it can cause newly adopted technologies to become underutilized or forgotten about altogether. However, when a service provides real value to an organization, employees will be much more willing to take the time to learn and utilize the technology currently.

Continuous Improvement

Just because a supply chain features the latest technology doesn't mean they will continue to grow and improve on their own. Rarely does a technology exist that is completely autonomous, requiring no human intervention. Technology, especially when it comes to the supply chain is meant to offer insights or make a process run smoother. Supply Chain professionals must take the time to experiment with their systems and services to get the most of the digital supply chain. Continuous improvement should be the goal for any supply chain that implements new technology throughout their supply network.

The Overwhelming Benefits

One thing that is impossible to miss when discussing the latest and most practical supply chain technologies are the overwhelming benefits it can have on a supply network. Businesses can gain improved visibility, understanding what role each link in their supply chain plays and supply chain managers can eliminate headaches and act more efficiently. All of this success depends on having a clear understanding of what needs to be accomplished and implementing the right technology to achieve a stated goal. When appropriately used, innovative technology can have a drastic impact on the effectiveness of any supply chain.

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13 Jul 2017

The Modern Supply Chain: Education & Training

Modern Supply ChainThe modern supply chain is a complex weave of new technology and legacy systems all working toward the same goal, to keep products moving. New technology and the rapid rate of adoption is leaving many in the supply chain industry wondering how they can keep up. Furthermore, as the industry continues to struggle with finding new talent to bolster its workforce, businesses are often left understaffed while managing a more complex supply network. With all these disruptions the industry faces today, an age-old solution might be what is needed. Let’s take a look at how modern education and training can be used to combat some of the supply chains most destructive disruptors.

New Workplace Culture
A new generation, the Millennials, are making their way into the supply chain workforce. These individuals are maturing in a world surrounded by technology and the ability to work from anywhere at any time. Millennials thrive when a company’s workplace culture focuses on specific key areas. Work/Life balance, collaboration and access to innovative technology will help this new workforce thrive while also benefiting the organization as a whole. Ensuring that the entire staff of any company is cognizant of the latest workplace culture trends can help reduce the chance of a communication gap. If an employee who is accustomed to working from the office for a majority of their day never sees another employee in the office, it can cause a rift. Encouraging employees to use new systems to stay connected, even while away from the office can do great things for any business. With this younger generation making up more and more of the entire workforce, training staff on this culture trends can have a profound impact on the firm as a whole.

Technological Disruptions
With technology advancing so rapidly, Supply Chain managers are having a hard time keeping up. Disruptors can lead to a host of problems all of which can impact the effectiveness of a supply network. Many businesses are willing to invest in the latest technology but often overlook a critical component, training. Any company can invest in new technology, but it will only be as effective as the workforce is capable. Without investing in education and training to accustom employees to new supply chain management technology, a business won’t be able to thrive in today’s business environment.

Revised Regulations
With an uncertain geopolitical climate, new laws and sanctions have become a regular part of life. These global disruptions can weigh heavy on a modern supply chain, even those that use the most advanced technology. To properly maintain and manage their global supply chains effectively, education will be critical. However, using education as a tool will differ from regular training seminars. Employees and supply chain managers must be encouraged to go out and accumulate their resources to stay current with the latest global disruptions. If regulations surrounding a critical link in the supply chain, having that information available as soon as possible can lead to better decision making when sourcing, purchasing or transporting freight.

Even though the supply chain landscape is transforming rapidly, there are ways to keep your business moving forward. Education and training will be required to keep supply chain managers up to date with the rapidly advancing industry. Though some of the knowledge needed is unconventional, creating a system that works for a particular organization will be a sure way to increase competitiveness and efficiency.

When it comes down to it, every business that handles freight is looking for a new, streamlined system to help alleviate costly bottlenecks. AirFreight.bid offers one of these solutions, and the customizable platform is redefining how businesses handle airfreight. Users experience competitive shipping rates and spend a fraction of the time managing their airfreight after using our innovative portal. You can now sign up for free today and realize how your business can benefit.

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