14 Aug 2017

Top 5 Supply Chain Trends for 2017 and Beyond

Let’s dive right into the 5 top trends reshaping the modern Supply Chain industry. With technology moving forward at an incredible pace, businesses have a hard time keeping up. Learning about the top trends that will have a direct impact on any businesses supply chain will help individuals gain a better understanding of what the future may hold. Having insight into the future can help a business begin to improve today.


1. Robotics in the Warehouse
Automation continues to play a larger role in business, from the manufacturing industry to the supply chain, robots are making a difference. The world has had a complicated relationship with robots in the workplace ever since their inception. Fearing the day when robots take all the jobs is a concern that’s quickly fading, but those in the supply chain are still curious how it will impact their business operations.

Robots are making warehouses run smoother and more efficiently. Amazon, one of the largest e-commerce giants in the world is utilizing robots to help improve fulfillment speed and accuracy. Take a look at the video of Chuck the robot below to get a glimpse into the future of warehouse management.

Nearly every link throughout the supply chain is using some form of an automated system. Whether it's a robot or piece of software, this technology helps speed up operations while maintaining accuracy. If supply chain managers can save a few days in transit by implementing and utilizing automated systems, it could have a profound impact downstream.

2. Agile Supply Chain Software
Businesses, large and small are always searching for the next new service to help create the most agile supply chain possible. Many small businesses won’t have dedicated supply chain managers; therefore, the responsibility falls on someone already performing a duty. Furthermore, when it comes to big business, a small disruption in a supply network could lead to a considerable amount of money being left on the table or wasted altogether. Systems that promise to create a seamless and agile supply chain attract independent and multinational firms who demand a better solution.

For example, we take a look at AirFreight.bid. This innovative platform and marketplace connects air freight shippers with air cargo carriers. The shipper can receive instant rates and spot quotes from a multitude of vetted carriers aligned to specific geographies and cargo types. Rates and transit times can easily be analyzed and compared, all of this relevant data is accessible in one cloud based system. With a few clicks, the AirFreight.bid user can substantially reduce the time needed to utilize air freight as a mode of transportation and in many cases, lower their air freight spend. Having these capabilities can come in handy if and when there is a major supply chain disruption that needs to be addressed immediately.

3. Autonomous Vehicles
Autonomous vehicles are the next step in transportation. Removing the chance for human error and creating an easier way to estimate delivery time, there is a host of benefits to a truck, plane or train that can control itself. Many of these systems are developing, and some have even made it on the road. When looking at Otto, the startup providing the tools and technology to outfit a standard semi-truck with autonomous driving capabilities; the world gets a glimpse into the future.

As of now, humans are still a requirement in these autonomous vehicles. They provide a failsafe as well as the ability to ensure the computer and technology are working properly. Human operators can be seen as a benefit as it will not take jobs away from truckers and has the potential to entice more individuals to join the workforce to offset the driver shortage currently taking place throughout the industry.

4. Cyber Security
Recently, cyber attacks on supply networks have become all too common. Supply chains are feeling the slowdown as ports and other transit centers are forced to halt operations and deal with these threats. Recently, Maersk Line was unable to take any bookings because of the Petya ransomware cyber attack, being touted as “shipping’s Y2K moment”.

This specific example shut down all IT and communication networks for an extended period and the cost to the business and each entity it affected could be astronomical. Unfortunate events such as this highlight the importance of a sound cyber security strategy and proves that this must be a focus for any modern supply chain.

5. Big Data & Analytics
A topic that has been impossible to avoid is discussions surrounding Big Data and Analytics. Businesses are leveraging the immense amount of data they receive on a daily basis to make actionable decisions to improve their operations. A modern supply chain can have countless data points and big data coupled with advanced analytics systems could have a positive impact on any business.

As big data and supporting analytics systems become more capable and accurate; the supply chain stands to gain. Actionable, real-time updates on the entire supply network could make supply chain managers lives easier while also allowing them to provide more value to their clients.

It won’t be just one or two of these technologies that will revolutionize the future of the supply chain. The combination of all these new digital systems and techniques will be the primary driver in the modern, digital supply chain transformation. Understanding what role each of them will play will be critical in order to remain competitive in the shifting business environment.


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18 Jul 2017

Crustaceans kept safe from the Lobster Paparazzi


Follow up Post on Live lobsters transferred through Logan Airport lands TSA in hot water:

A week or so back I shared an article on LinkedIn from Seafood Source about TSA screening agents searching live lobsters that were to fly from Bostons’s Logan Airport to Savanah Georgia. I had a great conversation with Lisa Feinman, the owner of the (Atlantic Seafood Market) located on; 1400 Boston Post Road in Old Saybrook CT.

We discussed the seafood business, shipping live/fresh seafood for Lisa’s customers and many other topics. Lisa signed up for a free AirFreight.bid account, and we upgraded her to Pro via our free trial offer. Now Lisa or one of her wonderful staff members at Atlantic Seafood Market can log in to AirFreight.bid and ship their awesome seafood offerings to those in dire need of the freshest Fish, Scallops, Shrimp or many other North Atlantic species which Lisa offers in her store, and yes even Live Lobsters. Together, AirFrieght.bid and Lisa Feinman will keep her prized Crustaceans safe from the Lobster Paparazzi

If you are ever in Old Saybrook Ct. Stop into Lisa Feinman’s (Atlantic Seafood Market) for some of the best and freshest seafood you have ever had.

A big shout out and thank you to:
Seafood Source.com and Madelyn Kearns, great article, thank you: www.seafoodsource.com
Atlantic Seafood Market, Owner Lisa Feinman, and her Staff: www.atlanticseafoodmarket.com
TSA agents all over the US: We know you have a difficult job, thank you for keeping us all safe.
PS: No lobsters or TSA agents we harmed while composing this article.
Best Regards,
Max Christenson

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13 Jul 2017

The Modern Supply Chain: Education & Training

Modern Supply ChainThe modern supply chain is a complex weave of new technology and legacy systems all working toward the same goal, to keep products moving. New technology and the rapid rate of adoption is leaving many in the supply chain industry wondering how they can keep up. Furthermore, as the industry continues to struggle with finding new talent to bolster its workforce, businesses are often left understaffed while managing a more complex supply network. With all these disruptions the industry faces today, an age-old solution might be what is needed. Let’s take a look at how modern education and training can be used to combat some of the supply chains most destructive disruptors.

New Workplace Culture
A new generation, the Millennials, are making their way into the supply chain workforce. These individuals are maturing in a world surrounded by technology and the ability to work from anywhere at any time. Millennials thrive when a company’s workplace culture focuses on specific key areas. Work/Life balance, collaboration and access to innovative technology will help this new workforce thrive while also benefiting the organization as a whole. Ensuring that the entire staff of any company is cognizant of the latest workplace culture trends can help reduce the chance of a communication gap. If an employee who is accustomed to working from the office for a majority of their day never sees another employee in the office, it can cause a rift. Encouraging employees to use new systems to stay connected, even while away from the office can do great things for any business. With this younger generation making up more and more of the entire workforce, training staff on this culture trends can have a profound impact on the firm as a whole.

Technological Disruptions
With technology advancing so rapidly, Supply Chain managers are having a hard time keeping up. Disruptors can lead to a host of problems all of which can impact the effectiveness of a supply network. Many businesses are willing to invest in the latest technology but often overlook a critical component, training. Any company can invest in new technology, but it will only be as effective as the workforce is capable. Without investing in education and training to accustom employees to new supply chain management technology, a business won’t be able to thrive in today’s business environment.

Revised Regulations
With an uncertain geopolitical climate, new laws and sanctions have become a regular part of life. These global disruptions can weigh heavy on a modern supply chain, even those that use the most advanced technology. To properly maintain and manage their global supply chains effectively, education will be critical. However, using education as a tool will differ from regular training seminars. Employees and supply chain managers must be encouraged to go out and accumulate their resources to stay current with the latest global disruptions. If regulations surrounding a critical link in the supply chain, having that information available as soon as possible can lead to better decision making when sourcing, purchasing or transporting freight.

Even though the supply chain landscape is transforming rapidly, there are ways to keep your business moving forward. Education and training will be required to keep supply chain managers up to date with the rapidly advancing industry. Though some of the knowledge needed is unconventional, creating a system that works for a particular organization will be a sure way to increase competitiveness and efficiency.

When it comes down to it, every business that handles freight is looking for a new, streamlined system to help alleviate costly bottlenecks. AirFreight.bid offers one of these solutions, and the customizable platform is redefining how businesses handle airfreight. Users experience competitive shipping rates and spend a fraction of the time managing their airfreight after using our innovative portal. You can now sign up for free today and realize how your business can benefit.

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14 Jun 2017

Airfreight.bid on Manufacturing Talk Radio

Industries of all kinds are advancing so rapidly it can be hard for business leaders to keep up. From an increasingly complex supply chain to new services taking up managers time, it can be difficult to keep air freight in check. However, with all these disruptions and innovations come new solutions to age-old problems. AirFreight.bid was lucky enough to have an opportunity to explain our air freight management platform to Manufacturing Talk Radio; an online Podcast focused on the manufacturing industry.

Below, you will find Max Christenson discuss the capabilities and solutions the platform has to offer. As manufacturing, supply chain and retail industries continue to take steps forward, having the right technology on hand can mean big things for your business's bottom line.

Listen in to the conversation below to find out more about AirFreight.bid, how it works and what it can do for you.

When it comes down to it, every business that handles freight is looking for a new, streamlined system to help alleviate costly issues. AirFreight.bid offers one of these solutions, and the customizable platform is redefining how businesses handle airfreight. Users experience competitive shipping rates and spend a fraction of the time managing their airfreight after using our innovative portal. You can now sign up for free today and realize how your business can benefit.

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02 Jun 2017

1st Edition Challenges & Solutions (New Tech, Cyber Risk, Weather)

Logistics riskThe modern Supply Chain is becoming more complex by the day. Businesses continue to struggle with keeping their supply chain under control but hidden risks still pose a significant threat to the industry. Even with all the new technologies making their way to the industry, businesses must be aware of these hidden risks and understand how to react appropriately.

Businesses of all kinds must keep supply chain visibility, cyber risk and natural disasters in mind at all times. All of these factors or even just one could have a significant impact on a company’s bottom line. In this current edition of the ‘Challenges and Solutions’ series, we will take a close look at the most troublesome issues in the supply chain and how businesses can avoid or plan for these risks.


Logistics techNew Technology

Advancing technology is making its way into the supply chain, forcing businesses to constantly change systems. New services that provide an “Uber-Like” freight experience require supply chain managers to constantly hone their talents and adapt to these kind of digital disruptions. Not only with the Internet of Things be transforming the supply chain end to end, the way people utilize technology to create new processes will need to be monitored. The challenge is keeping supply chain managers and procurement professionals up-to-date and trained with all these new advancements.

Finding a solution can be challenging at first. It will take some time for a business to discover the right process that works for them. There is no one answer fits all, rather a unique, business specific training program must be developed. Some solutions may include putting together a team in charge of locating the latest supply chain innovations and coming up with a plan to train the rest of the staff. Other’s could be outsourced training programs funded by the organization whose employees will be taking part. Continuous training will be vital in order to remain effective in this transforming industry.


Cyber risk logisticsCyber Risk

A common trend in nearly every industry is digitization. From manufacturing to the Supply Chain, digital technologies continue to transform how business is conducted. Innovative new systems are creating solutions to problems that have always plagued the industry. However, as the supply chain becomes more connected, risks begin to present themselves. The challenge is ensuring the supply chain remains resistant to cyber attacks.

The solution would be to ensure all new systems are properly secured. Largely, this is an inherent issue with new connected systems as cyber security is often an afterthought. There are however ways for a supply chain to improve their resistance to these cyber criminals. Threats can come from everywhere, an email, an attachment or even public wifi. It will be incredibly important to understand what kind of cyber risks are out there in order to keep precious data private. Education and staff awareness will be essential in protecting a supply chain’s operations and private data.


Supply chain weather risk

Weather / Natural Disasters

Something not even the most experienced or data fueled supply chain manager can foresee is a sudden change in weather or natural disaster. These events can have a direct impact on the infrastructure necessary for transporting freight. These hidden risks can come into play unexpectedly and are known for their unforgiving nature. Even though they are notoriously unpredictable, having a plan in place can take the pressure off the supply chain and avoid too many disruptions.  The challenge is coming up with a disaster plan which all links throughout the supply chain can depend on and expect to follow if an issue were to arise. .

The solution will rely on close communication and collaboration between all the parties throughout a supply network. Understanding what kind of weather is most likely to impact a specific supply chain should also be taken into consideration. With this knowledge, businesses can develop a plan where they can react to inclement weather or natural disasters seamlessly. If each link in a supply chain is notified and kept up-to-date on how to react to a disaster, it can help the supply network bounce back much more quickly.

The supply chain continues to become more complex by the day. Workforce development, cyber threats and uncontrollable factors all come into play. With proper training and planning, agility can be improved. Understanding these 3 hidden risks can help supply chain managers prepare for future disruptions and develop a proactive plan to address them, before they can impact business.



Airfreight.bidWhen it comes down to it, every business that handles freight is looking for a new, streamlined system to help alleviate costly issues. AirFreight.bid offers one of these solutions and the customizable platform is redefining how businesses handle airfreight. User’s experience competitive shipping rates and spend a fraction of the time managing their airfreight after using our innovative portal. You can now sign up for free today and realize how your business can benefit.



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15 May 2017

Pancakes, Airfreight and yodeling…

Al, owner of Wood’s Vermont Syrup Company, needed to move over 1000 pounds of “Woods Vermont Maple Syrup” from Randolph Vermont to Zurich Switzerland for a customer. AL had used other airfreight companies before, but he wasn’t thrilled with the service level, did not feel that he had control over the airfreight shipping process and thought maybe there are more competitive prices with better transit times available.

Al, found AirFreight.bid through a google search, subscribed to a free account and was upgraded to ‘Pro” through the AirFreight.bid 30-Day Free Trial.

Within a few minutes, Al was tendering his first airfreight shipment. Al received no less than five very competitive quotes, chose the best transit time for his shipment, as it had to be in Zurich by Friday. In no time at all, a very smart and capable business owner:

  • Created a Free Account on AirFreight.bid
  • Upgraded to “Pro” through our 30-Day Free Trial
  • Received instant and multiple airfreight rate quotes
  • Tendered and paid via PayPal for the shipment (AirFreight.bid offers encrypted payment options)
  • Attached the required customs documents

Al’s shipment of Syrup was picked up on Monday and landed in Zurich on Thursday, the entire process was transacted through the AirFreight.bid platform.

Al is a master at producing some of the world’s best maple syrup, but Al is not an airfreight expert, nor does he want to be.

AirFreight.bid is a proven airfreight management tool, platform, and marketplace. From a boutique farm to table, or should we say, “tree to table” food company to a large-scale enterprise airfreight shipper, the AirFreight.bid platform can move your goods from point A to Point B with very little time, effort and offer competitive and often instant rates for airfreight.

For more information about the fantastic products from Woods Vermont Syrup Company, visit their website at www.woodssyrup.com

If you are ever in Zurich Switzerland, and need some of the best gourmet foods around, including; Woods Pure Maple Syrup, check out Maple Store: www.maplestore.ch and ask for ask for Philippe,

Just like Al, you too can be “Yodeling from the Alps” at how simple fast and easy airfreight can be.

AirFreight.bid is a revolution in airfreight, encouraging transparency, guaranteeing competitiveness and innovating the supply chain.

What can AirFreight.bid help you move today?

AirFreight.bid is a revolution in airfreight, encouraging transparency, guaranteeing competitiveness and innovating the supply chain.

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11 May 2017

AirFreight.bid to Compete in FISH 2.0

Fish 2.0

We are happy to announce that AirFreight.bid has been selected to compete in FISH 2.0 2017.

Fish 2.0 competitors will compete against one another in their specific Track; AirFreight.bid will compete within the “Supply Chain Innovation” Track, showing how our platform is changing the global seafood supply chain.

AirFreight.bid will begin the competition in the regional tracks, and if chosen, we will have the opportunity to compete in the Global Finals.

The Fish 2.0 competition is a significant opportunity for AirFreight.bid to make a difference in the global seafood industry. We will have the privilege of networking with industry experts and advisors to better improve our product offering for the global seafood supply chain. All of us at AirFreight.bid are excited and looking forward to this opportunity that Fish 2.0 has presented to our startup.

Stay tuned to our progress in the competition, updates to follow.

For more information about FISH 2.0, visit fish20.org

24 Apr 2017

AirFreight.bid Innovative Logistics Platform – Pro Level Free Trial

What is Airfreight.bidAirFreight.bid is offering a special Free Trial program beginning on April 24th, 2017. The 30 day trial will give subscribers an all accesses pass to the Pro Level Subscription. Wondering about what this new, innovative airfreight platform can do for you and your business? This is a perfect place to start.

This Free Trial program is a $499 offer, giving you complete access to all Pro Level features. Learn more about the different Subscription Levels.



What you get with AirFreight.bid’s Pro Level Subscription:

-Multi-Carrier Marketplace
-Quote Management System
-Shipment Tracking
-Quote and Shipment Archive
-Add 2 of Your Own Carrier’s
-Data Export
-Add Multiple Users
-Free Hour of Training and Tech Support

Bring supply chain management into the 21st century with this streamlined platform with no obligation.

Businesses will quickly see the benefits of the Pro Level Subscription. Taking the stress out of logistics and eliminating headaches along the way. Keeping a business running takes up an impressive amount of time, don’t let shipping hold it back. The modern supply chain is a complex environment eating away at your business’s bottom line. Streamline the process today.

Find out what AirFreight.bid can do for your business with the video below:

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21 Mar 2017

Wrapping up the North American Seafood Expo in Boston

Our BoothWe have had an incredible response to the AirFreight.bid platform at the North American Seafood Expo over the past two days. Karen Butland from Diversified, a big thank you to you and your staff for making this show a success for us. Our IT team has been fantastic with support over the past two days, thank you all. Rovere Media booth design is excellent, great job and thank you.

Thank you to the attendees who took part in a quick demo and realize the value of AirFreight.bid and how this proven platform can be a game changer for your business. We are excited to move all of you to the onboarding process over the next few weeks and help you streamline your airfreight procurement process. For some of our potential subscribers, AirFreight.bid will allow them to service new business which has previously been impossible due to the cumbersome process of receiving and tendering airfreight quotes.

If you have not had an opportunity to stop by booth # 2475 and take part in a quick demo, please do so. We will be here until 3:00 PM today. If you are unable to stop by today, please contact us to schedule a virtual demo.

Regards – Max Christenson – Digital Sales and Marketing

13 Mar 2017
What is Airfreight.bid

3 Ways 21st Century Air Freight Systems Can Improve Your Business

The supply chain is evolving. Without adapting to the latest tools and technology, your business will be left behind. Businesses are constantly looking for the “next big thing” that will offer a competitive advantage and new supply chain management tools are here to help.

A huge burden businesses of nearly every kind face, is the excessive and fluctuating cost of shipping goods around the world. Furthermore, traditional logistics processes have become outdated and can take too much time which could be better spent elsewhere.

Below, we will offer 3 ways you can improve logistics efforts, streamline airfreight, and save on costs along the way.

1) New Digital Technologies

A particular theme that is nearly impossible to avoid are the disruptive technologies making their way into the supply chain and logistics industry. Tracking and shipping freight has never been easier thanks to these new technologies. Businesses are able to run more efficiently and with less hassle.

Any company that has to deal with a large volume of freight, whether it’s traveling by air, ship, or truck understands the challenge. With so many variables to take into consideration, the process of managing freight can eat away at precious time and resources. However, new technologies like air freight portals and apps have put the user in the cockpit. Without utilizing these new systems, a business is only hurting themselves.

2) Customizable Logistics Portals

Every business works differently. This fact can lead to some tricky situations when it comes to handling freight. New systems have come along to help create a customizable experience for supply chain managers. When it comes to AirFreight.bid’s portal, businesses can set up a system to meet their specific needs. Connecting supply chain managers with carriers, simply and easily, is now an option. These kind of portals can make an individual drastically more efficient when it comes to handling a company’s freight.

3) Automation

Businesses are turning to automation to solve common issues that arise when handling freight. Automated systems can help cut down on the time it takes to find compatible carriers, while at the same time, increasing the capabilities of a logistics team. Tracking freight can be handled with new digital systems. It’s important to find the right system that works for a specific business. As stated above, no two companies are identical, and this means the way they handle their freight will vary as well. Having a system that allows a supply chain manager to customize automated applications can lead to a much more efficient logistics department. There’s a system out there for everyone, it’s just important to ensure that a business is using the right system that will meet their needs without exceeding their ability to utilize the technology.


When it comes down to it, every business that handles freight is looking for a new, streamlined system to help alleviate costly issues. AirFreight.bid offers one of these solutions and the customizable platform is revolutionizing the industry. Most subscribers experience lower, more competitive shipping rates, after using our innovative portal. You can now sign up for free today and see just how much your business can save.