The new year is here are that means supply chains all over the world are working vigorously to recover from the holiday rush. 2018 is sure to have a lot in store for the industry but the lessons learned last year will help point businesses in the right direction. It’s time to take a look back at the stories that had the largest impact on the supply chain community and review these important concepts.

The articles listed below offer a quick overview of the supply chain and logistics content that stood out in 2017. Be sure to soak up as much of this information as possible in order to make 2018 the best year yet.

1)3 Ways 21st Century Air Freight Systems Can Improve Your Business

The supply chain is evolving. Without adapting to the latest tools and technology, your business will be left behind. Businesses are constantly looking for the “next big thing” that will offer a competitive advantage and new supply chain management tools are here to help. [Read More]

2)Top 5 Supply Chain Trends for 2017 and Beyond

Let’s dive right into the 5 top trends reshaping the modern Supply Chain industry. With technology moving forward at an incredible pace, businesses have a hard time keeping up. Learning about the top trends that will have a direct impact on any businesses supply chain will help individuals gain a better understanding of what the future may hold. Having insight into the future can help a business begin to improve today. [Read More]

3)Social Responsibility

This section has a special place in the’s teams heart. 2017 was filled with some devastating natural disasters and the team here wanted to do anything they could to help. Below are the services offered during the terrible hurricanes that wreaked havoc on Florida, Texas, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

Giving Relief in the Path of Destruction

Shipping A Little Sunshine To The Great State of Texas

Relief for Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands

4)Fast, Secure and Reliable: The Next Step In AirFreight

John McDonough, the head of inventory and planning for was having challenges with on-time air freight shipments from one of their factory locations overseas. John was looking for an easier way to ship goods via air freight, searching for better transit times and lower costs. [Read More]

5)Risk-Free AirFreight Solution: Taking Your Business To The Next Level

In an industry where innovation happens slowly, there are still technologies out there ready to help. Businesses still see logistics and their supply chain as separate from critical processes but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Innovation and progress in a businesses logistics practices can help reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. [Read More]

6)1st Edition Challenges & Solutions (New Tech, Cyber Risk, Weather)

The modern Supply Chain is becoming more complex by the day. Businesses continue to struggle with keeping their supply chain under control but hidden risks still pose a significant threat to the industry. Even with all the new technologies making their way to the industry, businesses must be aware of these hidden risks and understand how to react appropriately. [Read More]

7)Challenges and Solutions: Cyber Security and the Digital Supply Chain

When it comes to the modern supply chain managers have a relatively new risk to consider, cybersecurity. As major logistics providers from all around the world struggle with keeping their private data secure, businesses are investing time and resources to address this serious concern. From shutting down major ports to the risk of losing private client data, the time is now to address cybersecurity in the supply chain. [Read More]

What’s To Come?

The question supply chain professionals are asking now is “what comes next?”. It’s hard to tell what the future holds because of how fast technology is driving the modern industry forward. However, there’s an easy way to stay informed with all this progress. Be sure to follow on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for the latest updates and insights surrounding the supply chain industry.

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