John McDonough, the head of inventory and planning for was having challenges with on-time air freight shipments from one of their factory locations overseas. John was looking for an easier way to ship goods via air freight, searching for better transit times and lower costs.

Using, John entered his shipment criteria, sent rate requests to multiple global air freight providers and within seconds had instant rates to move his goods. John thought he could achieve a faster transit time, so he used the spot quote function in the system. This returned the rate and transit time he wanted within hours.

Peach, a woman’s fashion apparel online retailer has a unique business model. Garments can be bought through their online store and their trained stylists. A Peach stylist will guide you through your Athleisure shopping experience with some of the most modern wardrobe options.

Their apparel is designed using athletic fabrics in sophisticated design styles offering insanely comfortable clothing suitable for work, play, and the gym. The other facet to PEACH is that their stylists are all independent business owners, educating clients on PEACH fashion items while being mentored through; THRIVE, the PEACH personal development program.

Holiday shopping is right around the corner John and the rest of the fashion gurus at PEACH are loading up their inventory with holiday apparel. Peach shipments are moving into the US on-time, faster and at more competitive prices. When you shop PEACH, you are buying some of the most fashionable, reasonably priced Athleisure apparel available. And you are supporting independent woman business owners.

Thank you again to John and Peach; please check out

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