Industries of all kinds are advancing so rapidly it can be hard for business leaders to keep up. From an increasingly complex supply chain to new services taking up managers time, it can be difficult to keep air freight in check. However, with all these disruptions and innovations come new solutions to age-old problems. was lucky enough to have an opportunity to explain our air freight management platform to Manufacturing Talk Radio; an online Podcast focused on the manufacturing industry.

Below, you will find Max Christenson discuss the capabilities and solutions the platform has to offer. As manufacturing, supply chain and retail industries continue to take steps forward, having the right technology on hand can mean big things for your business's bottom line.

Listen in to the conversation below to find out more about, how it works and what it can do for you.

When it comes down to it, every business that handles freight is looking for a new, streamlined system to help alleviate costly issues. offers one of these solutions, and the customizable platform is redefining how businesses handle airfreight. Users experience competitive shipping rates and spend a fraction of the time managing their airfreight after using our innovative portal. You can now sign up for free today and realize how your business can benefit.

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